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Nice to Meet You

I’m Dr Ruby Jain Shah and I’m an Internal Medicine doctor that specializes in helping people lose weight and keep it off  without surgery.  

I created the largest and most comprehensive medical weight loss practice in Texas where my coaching system has helped thousands of people lose weight, reverse their medical problems, and get off their medications. 

I will teach you ethically – no crazy restrictive diets, hours in the kitchen or the gym, supplements that don’t work.   Besides being a Doctor, I’m a Mom with little kids so I understand time is precious.  My team and I will be coaching you through your roadblocks as often as you need it so that whenever they come up, you are not feeling stuck, alone, or worse, demotivated.  My goal is to get you results you can see and feel – and that actually last.

Why Most Diets Fail (and What to Do About It)

Dieting is stressful and can make us feel miserable.  We feel we are depriving ourselves of what we want.   Most diets fail because of one of the following reasons:

  1.  Dieting feels hard
  2.  We lose motivation and will power
  3.  Our plan is overly restrictive
  4.  We are hungry!
  5.  We feel deprived

Weight loss doesn't have to feel like a punishment or deprivation.

The key is to learn to make empowered choices that make you feel amazing. It can be an empowering experience of prioritizing you and making choices that give you a life that you love. It's not only possible, but what we do every day with people who struggle with stubborn weight.


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The secret to the Keep It Off Doc Approach

We will cultivate a support system for you that is so strong, failure is impossible.  That's why we created an all-in-one coaching model so you have expert guidance every step of the way.  Meet your coaching team below.


Understand the root causes of weight gain under the guidance of a weight management specialist.

2. Mindset Coach

Get good at dealing with stress and overcome emotional eating.

3. Nutrition Coach

Learn nutrition essentials so you can finally throw away diet plans for good!

4. Kitchen Coach

Become a kitchen jedi  so you can make budget friendly, nutrient packed 5-10 min meals even kids will enjoy.

5. Personal trainer

Be inspired to start exercising or optimize your routine to burn more fat with less time at the gym.

Success Stories

What will your success story look like?

Dr Ruby Shah and her team are looking forward to working with you.

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