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How to Lose Weight for the Last Time: 3 Secrets the Weight Loss Industry Doesn't Want You to Know

Is 2023 your year to conquer your weight loss goals and master your health?  

Most people's new year resolutions fall apart just 3 weeks into the new year.  Don't let that be you!  Say good bye to slow weight loss progress and the hamster wheel of losing and regaining the same 10 pounds. I'm a Doctor that specializes in weight loss and I will show you how to lose stubborn weight!

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This webinar is for...

👉 Adults who want to lose 10 or more pounds

👉 People who tried to lose weight before but didn't see the results they really wanted

👉 Chronic dieters who feel they have "tried everything" but haven't seen results that last

👉 Busy people who don't want to waste time or money on temporary fixes

👉 Googlers and social media users overwhelmed by weight loss/nutrition advice and unsure who they can trust

After this webinar you will know...

The one forgotten law of nature most people don't realize that guarantees results

The holy grail of weight loss: How to bullet proof your success for years to come

The best way to lose weight for men and women

Nice to Meet You

I’m Dr Ruby Jain Shah and I’m an Internal Medicine Doctor that specializes in helping people lose weight and keep it off without surgery.  I created the largest and most comprehensive medical weight loss practice in Texas where my coaching system has helped thousands of people lose weight, reverse their medical problems, and get off their medications.  I will teach you ethically – no crazy restrictive diets, hours in the kitchen or the gym, supplements that don’t work.  Besides being a Doctor, I’m a Mom with little kids so I understand time is precious.  My team and I will be coaching you through your roadblocks as often as you need it so that whenever they come up, you are not feeling stuck, alone, or worse, demotivated.  My goal is to get you results you can see and feel – and that actually last.

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Success Stories

Brandi lost 27 pounds and fulfilled her promise to better take care of herself to be the "best me" for her family

Rashmi lost 10% of her body weight (17 pounds), reversed her prediabetes and improved her cholesterol!

Tabitha lost 55 pounds and reversed her diabetes!

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